DIY Auto Garage Service

Our hoist bay hire service exclusive only in Sydney provides hoists and other fully professional tools/ equipment set up for hire that meet your needs. You will service, or modify your own vehicle easier by using our workshop equipment. Our aim is to provide a private and supportive work space for everyone who likes to work on their own car.


Why DIY:

Are you tired of long lines at a local auto shop? Have you ever been frustrated about careless mechanics that have forgotten to tighten the bolts on your car, or just fed up about the overpriced dealership service? If you have then the answer is right in front of you. You can save time, money, and get better quality of work by “Doing-It-Yourself”.

Hiring our on-site Equipment

Have you ever spent 30 minutes just to jack the car up and set it on the stand? Do you feel tired of working on your back, or even spend hours to look for a missing tool just to complete a simple 15 minutes’ job? Have you ever dreamed to have your own complete equipped garage but the cost to own one is just too high? We have all the solutions here, right at DIY Auto Garage.

What will we offer?

We provide spacious, clean and neat work environment, car hoists, professional grade hand tools, electronic tools as well as the common vehicle service and repair machinery equipment, and a well-designed casual environment that you will feel very comfortable working here. We also offer low pricing rates and various discount packages to make our service affordable for any average DIY enthusiast.

We would like everyone who enjoys working on their own cars to have a chance to save time, money and even get a better quality of work. Most importantly, you will be able to completely unleash your passion. In DIY Auto Garage, the customer experience is our first priority. Our goal is to make this place your second home.



How Do You Save Money by Using Our Shop?

Let’s do some simple math. It would easily go over $10,000 for someone to set up an automotive work-shop with all the necessary tools and automotive lift. That figure does not even include most of the basic machinery in a shop such as a brake lathe, tire balancer and high tech scanners.  Some tools you would only use once in a few years, which is very cost inefficient. It would take you nearly 300 hours (30 years at 10 hours a year) at our rates to pay the full cost of building the garage we have.  You can use our shop one time or as many times as you want for a fraction of the cost.  There is no minimum or maximum.  It is pay per use.

Q: Can I bring my own tools?
A: Absolutely.  If you already have your preferred tool, feel free to bring it and enjoy our climate controlled working environment with all the equipment you need.  Please note, bringing your own tool does not lower the rental rate.  DIY is not responsible for lost property brought in by customers.

Q: Can I paint my vehicle at DIY Auto Garage?
A: No, our facility is not set-up for painting.

Q: What should I bring for my repair?
A: You should bring any parts you wish to supply and not source from DIY Auto Garage. We have all the tools you could need and we even have a shop coat for you to wear.

Q: What if my repair takes longer than my reserved time?
A: Based upon bay availability, you can simply stay longer and complete your repair.  In the instance the shop is booked, a technician will discuss options with you ranging from turning it over to assisted repair, full technician repair, or rescheduling when a bay is available.