CreaTech 3D Customised Car Mat


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  • Local factory has high technology machinery interfaced with our 3D scanning systems to deliver mats customized and tailored to your car and your lifestyle.
  • Using the highest quality environmentally safe PU. It has a long life, superior durability and feels and looks like real leather.
  • Stain resistant, hard-wearing and dust repellent. Easy to clean, just wipe or shake. Reduce your cleaning environmental footprint.

Perfect for all lifestyles, particularly for families and pets. For your SUV or heavy-duty vehicle, offers optional tough mats for high impact areas. The tough mat is anchored,
replaceable and guaranteed for two years.

Product price on the page is for reference only. For quote and more information, please contact DIY Auto Garage team.


* The product is proudly supplied by CreaTech 3D Car Accessories.

* As the product is customised made, buyers are requested to contact DIY Auto Garage team to make a booking for scanning on car interior before the actual product delivered.


Spilt coffee in your car? Don’t worry about it. Dripped sauce from your take-away? No stress! CreaTech 3D custom car mats work LIKE MAGIC to waterproof the inside of your car.

Key features:

  1. Custom fitted to your vehicle (The interior of the car will be scanned by 3D scanner tool carried out by CreaTech technicians to ensure the final product fit your car 100%)
  2. Total seat-well protection
    • No scuffs
    • Hard wearing
    • Protect floor
    • No loose mats
  3. Leather look and feel
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Choose your mood
    • 20 colours
    • 3 patterns
  6. Optional tough mats
    • Secured tough mats for high impact area
    • Replaceable mats
    • Guaranteed for 2 years