Types of Sponsorships Available

Product and Technique Support Sponsorship Opportunities

Dynamic Race offers two types of product sponsorships; full and partial. 

         – Full sponsorship includes performance products sponsorship at no cost to the recipient, technique support at a reduced price. 

         – Partial sponsorship is a performance products sponsorship at a reduced price to the recipient, technique support at a reduced price. 

Full sponsorship consideration is only given to proposals with strong and timely ROI.

sponsorship recipient will also receive exclusive product discounts for one year, extra coupons and special sales, and more!


We accept sponsorship proposals from Racing Teams, Privateer Racers and Event Promoters. For privateer racers, we’ll have requirements on race and event attendance schedule.


What should a sponsorship proposal include:

  • A brief introduction of your company or team

  • Vehicle make, model and year

  • Vehicle engine combination

  • Aftermarket products currently on your vehicle (tech sheet)

  • Photos of the vehicle (engine, front, profile and overall, including any applicable detail images)

  • The Return on Investment for Dynamic Race  (everyone says they will represent our brand, we are looking for specific examples of how you will represent our brand)

  • What kind of sponsorship you are looking for

  • Confirmed event schedule (Race and Event attendance schedule)

  • Forum posts and social media channels with links

  • Confirmed upcoming media coverage, including media contact information

  • Current sponsors and their contact information

*Please send your proposal with the information mentioned above to kevin@dynamicrace.com.au. Feel free to give us additional information if you want. 

How do I get sponsored by Dynamic Race?

A potential sponsorship recipient should be familiar with our products, product features, services and benefits, company philosophy and history. As a sponsorship recipient, you become a representative of Dynamic Race. Not only should you conduct yourself accordingly, but you should also be able to promote our company’s products and services in a knowledgeable manner and project our identity.